Sustainable Research with Susereum*

Do you develop research or scientific software? We can help: 1) Create a permanent and uniform citation, 2) Quantify broader impacts, and 3) Certify code quality and sustainability. Our System, Susereum, is open, transparent, immutable, and secure.

We created Susereum to restructure the incentives and reward code authors with permanent credit. Want to learn more, please read this paper.

Software sustainability is a systematic challenge that impacts broad segments of software systems. Software codebases must evolve overtime to address changing contexts and adapt to the flux in middlewares and platforms. In the process, it accumulates arbitrary complexities and its maintenance becomes progressively difficult.

Current sustainability approaches focus on the symptoms and tend to be reactive in nature, and ignore the fundamental incentive structures that drive decision-making processes. Moreover, contemporary approaches are insensitive to the uniqueness of each software project context and operate on the assumption that sustainability measurements are universally applicable to the majority of software systems.

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